David versus Goliath

64) Many of us love to be near the water. If we could, we would immediately take our bags, and drive, or fly straight away towards the sunset, or sunset of a new dawn in our life depending on where we live. It's a common knowledge that humankind since the beginning of its existence has wanted to settle near rivers, oceans, and even lakes to let us become aspired, even enticed by the immense beauty of its view, and sail out to new destinations, new goals we have set out for ourselves, perhaps even together with others. Of course, there is a richness of life that can also be found within, as well as around it when we go it the very literal way that is. This is a trueness as old as life itself because no life can sustain itself without the presence of water. We are attached to it like glue. And when we want to rub its reality from the palm of our hand so that we can free ourselves from this natural bondage, then we will die without doubt. Even when our soul can live without it, our body can't. In a way, this natural phenomenon does inspire us to be kind to the surrounding wherein we are entitled to live because if we do not show our gratitude to its welfare, even well-being, then it will not show it to us neither. It's like a marriage. And this marriage can only succeed when we accept it to be one to be lived in good times as well as in bad ones, to sustain each other, and do our utmost to keep it fertile, to make the marriage bloom day after day everlasting. Yes, to let it be a land of milk and honey, a Garden of Eden alike in a manner of speaking. Correct, the goal of our life is to join Heaven and Earth in matrimony. Only, for that to become a reality, we have to learn to accept that our body and mind is as equally important as our soul. If it's our desire to destroy the beauty of nature because we only want to live as a soul, then it's not our soul that drives us to do what we intend to do. It's only, and solely our mind that has let it become corrupted by interferences that do find their origin within our present human nature, not the nature we really are, but the one wherein we in reality don't want to accept our soul's existence thus, our ego, even when we would persistently keep on fooling ourselves that it's not true, that we do belief in Him and our soul, as it is supposed to be done. As a result, man tend to wish to live by the desire of going on a rampage throughout the entire world, refusing to let this matrimony become a reality within the life of every man, woman and child. There is no escape possible, then when we would have the key to unlock the door of the prison cell we have put ourselves into. Hence, such a behavior would even have to be seen as being quite the complete opposite of those who refuse to accept that they have a soul, the fringe within these people's thinking. Yeah, what a matrimony that would be, albeit one we better never wish for it to happen, or we can expect extreme firework for sure, if it has not already begun. However, it can always in whatever time man would live his life be put to a halt for as long as there are those amongst man who keep G-d's light close to their heart, no matter if they are a minority. And this is something the Jewish people really are when we project it on a worldwide scale, a tiny David alike always.

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