Our life's ebb and high tide

65) We thanks to quite a lot of scientific research into the matter have become aware that many natural elements within nature do have their effect on our human behavior. We have for instance the connection between our moon in relation to the ebb and high tide of seas and oceans. It has even been revealed that a full moon can somehow cause a change in our behavior. In any case, we do know that the animal world does react to it. We just only have to watch the behavior of some animals once this particular time comes lurking around the corner. And it's not only the moon that does cause such changes in attitude. Even the sun, or its heat can create a difference in how we react to certain things that do occur around us. Sometimes we tend to act in an almost overheated manner. Even our level of fatigue will settle in more rapidly for instance. Many animals will react long before we even ourselves become aware that there is an imminent earthquake rapidly gaining steam, then only when it's mostly too late. However, these phenomena do always find their cause within the chemical structure of our body. It can even be related to our sensitivity to a certain point for some of these natural occurrences in our life. Hence, it even resulted in man out of fear starting to create/invent gods, worshipping the very nature he feared, and somehow still fears, albeit within a different perspective now that the majority is aware of the existence of only one G-d. However, what really happens is often the chemical structure within our body that starts to change, especially our hormones, or the ebb and high tide of our life, and as a result do give us the impulse to do what it let us feel that we should do, but not necessarily have to follow. It is even understood that depending on the percentage of change within a person's hormonal balance, that every person will thus react differently to whatever becomes thrown over his/her shoulders. With some it will almost go unnoticed while others will have it much harder. We only have to take a woman's menopause in consideration to make our point. But, no matter how our body reacts to its surrounding wherein it lives, or the natural chances that do occur within ourselves due to aging, we don't have to act based on how our body seemingly entice us to behave. It's often of course just merely a natural reaction as they say, but some of our actions in relation to the change are not always to be regarded as a valid human behavior vis-à-vis life in general. No matter how warm it can be on a nice sunny day, or an unbearable hot day, even a freezing cold one, we have the freedom to overcome these forces, and be humane to whomever, or whatever we come in contact with. And yes, it is said that our mind can sometimes play tricks with us, but we do know that our soul won't do so ever. So if you notice an urgent tendency to behave contrary to how you normally would react, or act within a humane lifestyle, then wait a while, and let your soul strengthen you against something you would have wished to have never done when it would have been done.

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