An objective opportunity

66) Often we are asked to be as objective as we can be when answering on questions that are being posed. But when we realize that objectivity is something relative, and certainly not something concrete, something substantial to judge a person on, then we become aware that it can never lead to a perfect decision on the matter in question, or concerning the person who gives the answer. After all, the one can define a certain reasoning as how s/he feels about while another person could view it from a different angle of perception, perhaps in complete opposition to the other one's interpretation. Objective reactions or answers are primarily to be found within the surrounding of a person's personal life, and how s/he lives it, or has to live it. It therefore means that it is as good as always true for the one who is about to answer the questions. Of course, it could be not quite right for the one who has asked them unless the two are, as they would say, same-minded persons. So we in a way do come to understand that people can't be really judged on their level of objectivity because it's often relative to a person's life, or even ordeal. One who has lived a life in pain and sorrow will without doubt have another degree of objectivity than one who has never felt any such kind of life experience. It are two different worlds. As a consequence, they will generate as good as always different answers. If we thus would have to judge a person on his/her objectivity, then we can be pretty sure to be walking straight into a world of injustice, maybe even discrimination, or tyranny when we would refuse to take a person's personal life experience in consideration. A likewise situation would occur when we let objectivity become the rule in how we decide on even the most important matters regarding our life. In reality, it can never really generate a sound and solid foundation that can withstand even the fiercest storm. It can only guide us, but not entice us to make solely on its criterion a decision regarding the steps we should take next. We can build something around it, but only when we keep in mind that there are others who can have some valuable input to offer, even when it doesn't fall quite perfectly in line with the general vision of the moment. After all, we once had a majority of many multi-god believers, but now it's the same for a faith in just one G-d. Objectivity can thus shift sides in a manner of speaking.

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