Our destined destination

70) Many people do belief that our life is predestined, that it will gradually evolve as it was destined to be, even before we were born. Of course, there is nothing to refute this trueness. If it wouldn't have been so, then no one would ever have begun talking about real prophecies. However, these very special lights have told us what will happen, and what already has happened depending on the time we are reading them, or hear what they want us to know, even when it's good news. Yeah, when we pay close attention to what the prophets of the Judaic faith have come to warn us for, then we notice always a choice within their warning. If we don't listen, then this or that will happen. When we listen, then we won't have to be worried at all. Sometimes the people did listen, and sometimes they didn't, and what happened did happen exactly as the prophet told everyone, no matter which choice was made eventually. We could say that it was predestined to happen. And this is true when we view it from whatever angle we would like it to be viewed because these prophets were much more connected to nature than the overall population was. They knew man better than man knew himself. We just have to take a look at ourselves today. And what we will come to witness is how we are trying to teach the world to never forget so that the worst atrocity man has ever committed to this day would never occur again. We have come to realize in a more profound way in how the psyche of man does work. Therefore we know that if he forgets, or ignores, even refuses to accept reality, then he will commit it again, and with greater calamity than before because he will have elevated himself within the blindness of the world he lives in. This is something we are also being taught about within our Torah when it comes to the world of Noah. When man forgets what he did back in that time, then it is known to him that he will not waste any effort to let him become enticed to follow the same path of those who were washed away from the face of the Earth. It's a circle, and man's weakness, his circle of violence against his very own soul, and life in general. Yes, you can have a point in the fifth dimension as some do suggest, and so on in the tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth one, but you will only know that you have learned your lesson well enough when you realize that there is no dimension at all, or perhaps just one, namely only that point in the far distance, a point that when coming closer to it reveals a brand new world we can enter whenever we are ready to cross that point out of our dimensional encirclement, dissection, or even division. True, that point are we ourselves! That is the one we truly are. Remember the burning bush that told us what to do so that we would come to know everything what there is to be known, and start living an enlightened life as a oneness in body, mind and soul.

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