Experiencing our Torah's light

74) Not one day has passed since the beginning of humankind that we did not learn something new. Even today, we still do come across novelties we were not aware of before. However, everything we learn today is something that was already known since the beginning of the very first matter of life that became what it became within the universes. That same atom evolved into what we witness within our every day life. And it will keep on generating revelations beyond our wildest dreams till that day will come that we all do await, a time we once in a while are afraid of as well because we don't really know what to expect from it. We only think that we know for certain that it will be something quite different. Nevertheless, it will not be really so. Yes, it even lives within all of us at this very moment. It has done so since the very beginning of everything that became. But still, for it to have an everlasting success, a strong foundation needs to be build for it to last. Therefore is it known to us all that we will have to learn, to study so that the entire world of humankind will acquire a backpack full of wisdom wherewith to strengthen its desire to do good, to do no evil anymore, knowing what needs to be done for the entire world to enter that day that will not really change anything, then becoming just the one it was always meant to become when the right time would arrive for it to enlighten everyone's life, even all of nature. It's therefore always important for everyone to keep having the right to study, to learn, as it is as equally important to have time to play, to have a moment of rest, and give ourselves the time necessary to think more profoundly about what we have come to know. Only, such a lifestyle can only achieve its goal when the wisdom is not degraded into foolishness, the one that seems to be unable of stilling our hunger, the power that blinds thus versus the one that will enlighten everyone's body and mind, subsequently the entire world of man.

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