Right or wrong, that's the question

73) We during our entire life in this world will on certain, or many occasions bump into the desire of doing this or that without being aware if what we will be doing is good or bad, is right or wrong. We just don't know because no one did teach it us. Or a wolf instead of a sheep was guiding us. Nevertheless, even the best of our teachers, a Rabbi, can once in a while be completely out of line with the reality of the course s/he is teaching his/her pupils. The Talmud is a very good example of differences of thoughts between even the greatest of our Sages regarding His word, and how it should be implemented, or be lived. Only, in their case, we are aware, and do accept, that it was all done with the intent of making sure that we won't put our steps of life into the wrong direction. As such do we know that every thought of one of our Jewish Sage will uplift someone's personality, s/he becoming a better person, even when no one knows if living by the thought of that Sage will uplift him/her higher than one of the others. For all we know, we could uplift ourselves equally no matter which one we accept or not, or do follow. After all, JHVH told us that He is who He is, and will be who He will be. Every human being has his/her uniqueness, a right to be diverse by knowing what being humane truly means. This in itself gives rise to the awareness that there is, and will be for every person a thought that can have a deeper meaning to him or her within the uniqueness of that very person's being with regard to his/her destiny within the world of his/her soul. This was not that different for the Sage who mentioned his thought in the first place because we know that he was a light, and that's what counts most.

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