The trueness of our heart

72) The truth, or reality for that matter, can be hard to very hard to accept. It's something that many are afraid of when no one really should in a world wherein everyone is respected, and feels accepted by the community of humankind. This is a fundamental truth within our Torah. No matter if we accept its validity as a word of light or not, for as long as it still generates a fierce storm within many people, humankind knows that respect and acceptance is something that needs to be worked on day and night without rest. True, a world that says to live-up to the desire of being a prime example of respect and tolerance to whomever, and whatever, it would sound as preposterous to claim that such a statement is very far from the truth it acclaims to fulfill. For a world who beliefs in Him, it would be difficult to swallow that they are still not quite living-up to the lifestyle that they expect of themselves to be living, perhaps not even close. The same goes for all those who don't belief in Him, and as well feel that they do fulfill their duty as a human being, and this fully impeccable. Anyhow, this is not that strange because every one of us lives with the temptation within him or her of not wanting to become confronted with the reality of their own faults and mistakes, nor the fancies of their own life they chase, as if it are their gods. However, coming to terms with the truth is just the very first step that is needed most when we as a person, and as a community do want to become healed of what we still do wrong, namely accepting the reality of who we really are, and who we are not. But, even that first step can only be taken rightly when it's done within a just thought of the mind, and thus within the wisdom of the soul. Without it, we will only try to fool ourselves till there are no fools left if you know what I mean. One who for instance cannot accept that s/he is nature, an integral part of it, won't be able to live truly by the wisdom of the soul. This is the same for those who do accept, but can't really live with this reality in love and compassion to his/her nature.

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