An opportunity not to be missed

76) We have become acquainted with the word of G-d for over more than 5760 years now, and still are learning new revelations about its depth day after day, night after night. There is just not one single moment of darkness to be found when we study His word, only light to enlighten our every moment we live. Whenever we take His word into the deepest depth of whom we truly are, it will without doubt let us discover, or rediscover ourselves. After all, we were born into this world within the hope that we will eventually fulfill the duty we were supposed to get done. It means that we in a certain way do find out the why that we live, the purpose of our entire existence as a human being in flesh and blood. Some are afraid of this revelation, and what it will do to their chosen way of life. They fear the change it will require from them. However, this kind of fear shouldn't be as frightened as it in first instance can seem to be because at the end of the road, it can only bring the entire world into the garden of Eden it so desired to live in, or even the land of milk and honey for that matter. There is thus no reason to fear it, then only the one when we become more and more aware that the way we have lived our life till today is not what we expected from it, expected to be lived. If that's the case, then we know what needs to be done, as it's our soul that has succeeded in creating a door of opportunity within our own self. It happened because we felt ready to call for its help, to call our Chava. The same thing occurred to Moshe, and it brought him to the burning bush, eventually bringing the entire Jewish nation back to their home out of the enslavement, out of a life that only would have meant the Hebrew/Jewish forefathers'/-mothers' dead, and that of the entire world of man. We only have to grasp the opportunity with both hands so to speak.

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