Inventing the impossible

79) Quite a lot of inventions have been invented since humankind's historical journey. We can't really put a number on them, but they certainly will have to be in the millions. Yes, the usage of very tiny ones have become a daily habit, as well as some of those man once thought of that it would be impossible to invent, to create them. However, man did succeed. Some of those inventions were a blessing while others can't really become accepted as being one. But no matter how we tend to react, with Argus-eyes, or within all its simplicity, they all have their uniqueness based on the ones of those who invented them, or on them who have come to use the new tool. Yeah, we can use a cup for drinking our early morning coffee with milk and sugar, perhaps tea, or it can be thrown against the wall if you feel the need to do so. Every invention can in fact be used for the good, or for something less good. Whatever we may think of it, we feel and are certain that these creations are the very tools we need to live our life with, tools that have been created to facilitate the way we work for instance, interact with each other, or even sleep. And surely there is no need to start summing-up all of them. We are very well aware that most of them are used as a common good to better our lives, and that of the entire community of man. Nevertheless, we must also admit that none of those inventions have really been the tools wherewith we do live our life. If it was (were) not for man's gift(s), even his uniqueness, none of them would have seen the light of the day, nor the darkness of the night for that matter. Man would still have been someone who doesn't know from which direction the wind is blowing. But this is not really true, and so we come to learn that if man wouldn't have delved within himself since the beginning of his existence, that nothing would have become materialized of what we today do see unfolding all around us. Of course, there is no guarantee that everyone will use this gifted blessing within an act of wisdom. We can only hope that all of humankind will one day come to understand the everlasting benefits of what has been given it since the very beginning that knows no end.

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