Litting the fire of peace

77) We have many existing cultures throughout the world. Every one of them does represent a style of living unique and diverse as can be. There is not a single one that seems to equal another one. And still, not that much difference is to be found between them. Yes, richness is there to be found within, a richness that can enrich the entire human race beyond its present capabilities because uniqueness is what shaped the world of today. No matter if thousands, perhaps millions could have thought the same thought, maybe even have invented the same inventions, the most important fact is that we all did it together. We all brought every person through time and space into the time of his/her life. It's not so much a question of it all being right or wrong. No, what's most important is what we have learnt in our search, or even research in what did present itself before us. It's learning to know more about what will be taught at Mount Sinai for instance, as much as it concerns the learning of making a fire the proper way, so to not put the entire house on fire literally, nor figuratively that is. We should make one, and not create one because it already had been created before man came to know how to use it to the good of the entire community. A light can only serve its purpose when it's handled with care, respect and responsibility towards the treasure it carries within like a pregnancy. This is not different with regard to every person who becomes a light unto the nations. The same it is when an entire nation is regarded as a light to enlighten everyone's heart and being. When you play with it, you play with fire, and then every man, and nation, knows that he, and it, will sooner or later burn himself, and itself. But when we care, we respect and take upon ourselves the responsibility for its well-being, then we will acquire the gift of walking within its light without harming ourselves in any way anymore. And it's true that the Torah has been given to the Hebrew/Jewish nation. However, its treasure is found within every culture when every man, community, and nation would come to learn in how to lit a fire the proper way that is.

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