Reality with a twist

78) Often we regard reality as something that is real. Occasionally we tend to see it as something abstract, less concrete thus. It's seen as a fact that can go either way depending on how we fill it in, or we revise what shouldn't be revised at all when we still want to be regarded as a society that exalt itself in honesty, truth, and the deeper values of what life is all about. However, the reality of today can truly become less real tomorrow due to that we have come to learn what we didn't knew yesterday. Sometimes the perception concerning what's real or not changes based on the one or the other's perception, or interpretation vis-à-vis a given knowledge, even historical fact. In a certain way, we can state that there will always be more than one reality on one and the same day. Anyhow, every sincere person realizes that there will be at the end not only one that keeps standing, but one that will also last. True, no matter how many realities the world does live in as of this moment, only one truth will settle the day for once and for good when what has blurred man's sight will have been taken away from him. After all, we can only speak of a reality when it's truly one. Everything else are merely speculations of the mind. Still, only those that have their roots within a man's soul will be found worthy to be remembered as something that could become accepted as a most valuable asset whereupon humankind can build a strong and solid future, a future that will last, one wherein man will find his peace. This is also known as the reality that will bring him the tranquility he desired most for it will bring him at peace with himself, and eventually with the world around him, as it will be, even become.

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