Renouncing a habit of idolatry

80) There hasn't been one single moment within humankind's history wherein idols weren't worshipped. Every time had its ups and downs on this matter. Even today we are well aware that we have singers, football players, tennis players, too many to sum-up in this little thought, who are worshipped like gods. Okay, maybe not quite in the same way as Roman emperors, or Greek gods like Achilles were worshipped. Nevertheless, the basis is the same, only the manner in how it's done has changed over time. However, it still can create violent uprisings, or bring people's mind to the brink of madness when things don't happen as wanted. They start to feel betrayed while they only have themselves to blame because we all do know that no man is a god, nor G-d. This is even so with regard to Moshiach. S/He will be no god, and neither G-d. Yes, we all can be liked or disliked. There is nothing we can really do about it. The only thing we can hope for is that no one starts to push it towards unknown heights because the fall could become very deadly, if not destructive in nature, perhaps even to the brink of extinction in certain unusual cases. Yeah, man has come to know such individuals the hard way, and the Jewish nation even better than is really good for the future of humankind. True, not much that can be done about it, as it seems in first instance. But when we look into ourselves, then we know in the depth of our heart that it just takes a very tiny moment, a fraction of a second, to change the world immediately into a beauty that no man has ever seen before, unless he is known as Adom, even a man and a woman thus. We just only have to go for it, and don't look back so to not become a pillar of salt.

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