Faux pas

84) We know that we will make mistakes. A person who doesn't realize this will undoubtedly have to go to a shrink, and certainly refrain him-/herself of becoming a leader whether religiously or otherwise. But what's most important, what makes us human is our ability, and wisdom in trying to do everything in our power to correct the faults we've made when so. After all, our world wouldn't have become what it has become when everyone of us would have kept going on a path that would have led all of humankind to its extinction. If there wouldn't have been persons of light, Jew and gentile alike that is, then there would have been nothing to talk, or write about, nor to live for. Yes, what has made the world as it is at this precise moment in time is fully to the merits of all those who acknowledged their faults, and accepted the burden on their shoulders to correct what they did wrong, even when it's a wrong that their forefathers/-mothers had done like in the case of queen Esther for instance. This can maybe sound strange when referring to a thinking of the mind wherein it's not quite sure whether a person is right or wrong. However, this is not the case when we talk about the fundamental principle that is always right in every time. The foundation of our nature and our soul never changes. It's always the same. Its wisdom is never wrong. However, this is not quite correct when we refer to what man builds upon it. If what we create is completely in opposition to the fundamental right of one or the other, or even both, then the building will sooner or later collapse because the foundation can't hold its weight, as the pillars can't be put within the designated sockets. Nevertheless, what's most important is, as always, not being right or wrong, then what we learn out of it all. Only that will guide us to better times, and not pointing fingers to this one or that person, or even a community, a nation, or its government for that matter.

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