82) When we talk about the natural world all around us, then we do so because we understand it as being something that is as is. We don't question it. For us, it acts as how it is supposed to behave. Animals who live in the wild will almost always live their lives in the same kind of pattern based on their daily necessities. This is not quite the same for domestic ones because with them it depends for certain matters on the shepherd for instance, or on the one who owns the dog. Anyhow, even for domestic animals like the cow, there are certain natural returning matters that do need to be addressed like milking. Most of these recurring tasks do happen naturally. Animals don't really have to learn them. And this is not that different for man neither because he knows that he needs food to survive, but also fluid like water. He knows that he needs to take care of that, or he otherwise will die, the same as that every animal will die when it goes against its nature. It at the same time does teach us that we can't alienate ourselves from our natural personality when we want to live by the thought of the soul. We need to keep both in a perfect balance with each other. We need to bring the masculine and the feminine within ourselves in harmony with each other. Both have to become a peaceful oneness for the soul to acquire the ability of guiding us by its maximum strength. Remember that we within the world of the soul can in fact acquire the ability of talking with animals, the same as we would do so with another human being. Yeah, it is said that wherever there is blood running through the veins of a body, a soul lives within. And in the world of the soul, every soul talks to one another within the same language of G-d's world.

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