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88) There are those within the community of man who do belief in the existence of a devil, even hell. They do so due to a wrong translation from out of the Holy Scriptures in the Hebrew language when the word in reality was only mentioning about the grave, our burial place. It means that nothing does exist of such a kind, then only within the imagination of those who created this very disturbing misunderstanding for ages. They had their reasons, and we all have come to witness what they became, no less those within the belief of such a fiction itself. But more worrying is the trend within the Jewish community of giving in to these non-Jewish atrocities to the mind of millions of people out of appeasement with the ones who want it all to come to an end. Worrying it is because it's well known that those who follow the fiction do so out of the same delusion that entered their mind, that succeeded in overpowering them, and to let them become enslaved. Their sight becomes blurred from the fact that it's not them who are in control, in power over their own self anymore, but those who caused them to betray the goodness within themselves, the one that many around them abide by. These people have started to control their mind, not their soul. It's even keeping the world entire away of achieving a durable and lasting peace that eventually could become everlasting when we are prepared to give it all the energy it needs to overcome even the smallest deed of evil till there will be no more. But most important is that we must fight this trend, this worrisome phenomenon that is destroying the light within us all because it only wants its own agenda, its own ideology to become installed. It's the antithesis of the world of G-d, the world who sanctifies life, not its suicide, its dead, even when still being alive.

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Agenda I have understood one thing, Bernadette.
"Many are called but few find the way to everlasting freedom." But, the time is coming
that God is speaking to the souls that are written in the Book of Life. And they must warn
all the people of the world against hidden and false doctrines of the truth. And I will fihgt with my life to prevent such idolatriv doctrines and false religions. Because there is only one religion and that is 'rising the staff of Moses as he did in the desert' and realising 'the light in our own souls' then everybody will see God in himself and then only the world will become one.
But not by following lyers and business people.

Posted by: Fernando Soave | 07/11/2007

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You can't force it upon people You have a point Fernando, but there is no need to fighting. The soul of every person is one of light, even when that person doesn't know it. Mostly, this is the reason of why people really do fight, as it in reality is because they try to flee away from themselves, from the very person they really are deep down. Often, this is due to life circumstances whereas the person him-/herself can't do about.

People have to freely be willing to set their soul free. It doesn't mean that they will be lost, far from that, as the language and path of the soul is not the same as that of the body. It transcend this world, even during a person's life.

No gentile has thus to convert to Judaism, because otherwise there wouldn't have been the Noahide laws for the gentiles. However, if a person really wants, then s/he is always free to come, and go see a Rabbi, but it's not something to take lightly because a Jewish soul is very special. It's more than just being a light unto the nations.

Anyhow, a non-Jew may of course perfectly well stay who s/he is, as long as s/he behaves humanely vis-à-vis his/her neighbor in a manner of speaking. But we within the combination of both, meaning the Noahide and the Mosaic one, do witness the essence of Kabbalah, especially the Zohar, which goes, or helps you to delve deeper within your own self.

Again, a person can achieve reaching his/her deeper self without any knowledge about Kabbalah, but it takes time, and a lot of patience, even falling down and trying to get up once again. But honestly, it's worth all the effort, even trouble for we learn sometimes even more when we make mistakes than when we don't.

And like with everything of course, honesty plays a huge role in this, and too long to write it down here in this comment. After all, we have to remember that before Moshe wrote down the Torah, there was an oral tradition, one who became later known as the Mishnah, or oral Torah that is. And this oral Torah went from generation unto generation till today, but the written Torah, the one who Moshe wrote down, came into existence when he wrote it down of course.

Most important to know is that Judaism is freedom, maybe not the one many do expect of it, but it's real freedom. It's the freedom of the soul. And you don't force this kind of freedom upon people. You can't because otherwise you would be right to state that a person who tries to do this is a liar, an imposter so to speak.

Posted by: Bernadette Schaepdryver | 07/11/2007

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