Diversity, a blessed treasure

87) We mostly do live our life in the assumption that the strength of our unity will prevent our fall. When it becomes compromised, then we often find ourselves in a situation of feeling lost, of not knowing anymore what to do against whomever who wants to attack, or is attacking us whether it being done physically and/or spiritually/mentally. However, no one does have to follow the same philosophy to stand united against evil. Correct, evil does use the freedom of expression to its advantage because it plays on the perception that it's a weakness, a wall that can easily be breached. And it has it right to a certain point, but only so because quite a lot of people don't yet know how to handle the richness that humankind's diversity can bring into the homes of every family worldwide without losing the ability of truly stay being who we are. The Noahide laws are a witness to this case. And thus yes, the freedom of thought, when properly used with due respect to every form of life, can become a very strong and peaceful weapon when we familiarize ourselves with its strength, and where that it's hidden within us all. Nevertheless, evil will keep winning while his adversary will always lose for as long as it stays successful in spreading its perception of weakness within our mind of thought. Therefore, it's true that it's important to learn, but the quality of the teaching is even more important. The same goes for what we study. Not the amount of knowledge, the amount of classes we follow, is what counts most because we only do need one single wisdom to defeat evil, and that is the one of doing good, a goodness that comes from the thought of our soul that knows no evil, and can't become compromised with it ever. Yes, within that thought, no diversity can become defeated. It can only strengthen the sanctity of life, and thus G-d's world, even His kingdom below and above

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