Liberation of the soul's world

89) In a dictatorship, the leader feels safe that nothing can harm him/her. S/He doesn't realize that s/he never is really because it's only due to his/her style of ruling that s/he stays alive for the moment that is, that no harm is being done whether physically, or by justified outside interferences. To sustain this delusion, no one is authorized to oppose the ruler's ideology, nor his/her thoughts thus. Everyone is obliged to follow in the footsteps of the one who openly, or secretly thinks to be the new god, the 'messiah' of the people. It's as if s/he has hypnotized the entire populace, letting them become puppets on a string to do whatever the leader orders them to do, to obey him/her in whatever s/he wants to become fulfilled. And such a rule can become as easily a reality from the left of society as well as from the right. From both sides of the political spectrum, there will come no surprise that such a rule will use goodness as a means to corrupt the vision, the truth of what no one may come to know. Opposition to the lie is something that will be fought with an iron fist. All will witness it so that fear will keep everyone imprisoned within the mind of the leader. The goal of those kind of rulers is to create a root wherewith to eventually destroy the root of goodness within all of man, the one he truly is, and to give rise to only one power, but it ain't G-d because He loves diversity. We otherwise wouldn't have the Noahide laws beside the one of Moshe. It's the strength of real goodness, its richness, to be diverse with all kinds of gifts, of abilities wherewith it can always put up a wall of fire, of light against the darkness of the mind that knows no respect to a person's soul. It's the very source that gives humankind its hope that it can withstand even the fiercest atrocities that would be committed against all those who within the deepest depth of their heart do want to stay being a light unto the nations, and bring redemption, even salvation to everyone's home, Jew and gentile alike having the right to be who they really are in body, mind, and above all soul.

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