No idols allowed

86) The world of man has been well known for its idols. It's even today not really a matter of the past. There are still many idols who are worshipped day and night. Uncountable times man has pronounced the words 'long live the king', or 'long live the queen', in certain parts of the world, as if we still do live the time of the Caesars for that matter. There is of course nothing wrong with that when these noble human beings do bring happiness and joy into the heart of the community, into everyone's heart by doing good, making the world a better place to live in, and this for everyone, no one excluded. Yes, everyone is entitled to this goodness because we all are of noblesse. Through our soul, every single person is connected to G-d, our King and true savior. It's therefore always better to pronounce the words 'long live humankind'. True, every single life is as equally important to one another. Maybe that such a vision is not regarded in the same manner, or by the same value, by some within the human community due to a blurred state of the mind, but it's nevertheless the truth, a truth so powerful that it can change the world forever and ever. If this wouldn't have been the case, then the world would be a void, and nothing would exist, perhaps not even the universe we live in. It's thus never wrong of course to love someone, and to wish him/her a long life. Only, we should always be on our guard for the temptation of starting to worship the very person we love, even when it's our wife, or our husband, or our children. We all do have our abilities, and we can only succeed in using them for the good of the entire community of man when we learn to work together, to keep being a unified family/community so that no soul will be lost to a desire that wants it all to come to an end. And worshipping idols is one element that leads to a world that has no future.

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