A cultural journey

91) We will meet many different cultures/people when making a trip around the world. It won't be a problem at all to encounter Chinese, Indians, Africans, Americans, Europeans, the people of the Middle East, even of Asia, and so on. Mostly we tend to behave differently when meeting someone who belongs to another kind of lifestyle than our own. Often we will do so with a lot of curiosity these days. However, it's also true that some will simply act indifferently, namely in a sense of hostility. They will put themselves on a higher level than the person or people they do come to meet. It's a behavior that is completely out of touch with the reality of who we as a human being truly are because every one of us has a soul. It means that we're all the same, but still unique at the same time. Every human being lives within the same world, and on the same level. The only difference lays them within the domain of perception. It's that difference which in fact created the cultural identity of every group of people. How we perceive life is what caused some to go this, and others that way, to live as how they thought that it had to be lived, the same as Avraham did. Of course, it doesn't mean that we were, or are correct in everything, but we assumed, or do assume it to be as such based on how we interpreted, or interpret all kinds of different, and mostly natural elements all around us, including G-d. Even today there are those amongst man who perceive G-d in a completely different manner than others do. For them, it's more viewing it all trough the prism of He being the Creator. And that's their decision. If it's entirely correct to belief as such, no one knows for sure at this very moment. But no matter how we think about it all, the most important fact in this is to be who we always were intended to be, a unique human being with the gift of profiling him-/herself as a light unto the nations with due respect to the very person every human being is entitled to be, namely a soul of intention.

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