For richness or poverty

92) Once we have lived our life, we will have lived it as how we did. There is nothing we can do about it. No matter if we lived it in richness or poverty, the outcome will often live on within the life of our children, or those we have tutored. Yes, what we have done within our own lifetime will have consequences within the next generation(s). It doesn't mean that when we lived it with an evil tendency that it will be so within the one of those we left behind when passing away. Neither is it a guaranty that when we lived it in goodness that it will be followed within every next generation. After all, we do have the freedom of thought, of expression, of perceiving what we feel to be right at a certain given time, or in a given place. But it's sadly enough true as well that there are still today those who have a completely wrong ideology about what it means to be rich or poor. Naturally, it's nice to be rich within the financial meaning of the thought. However, when we pass away, it will not be that kind of richness that will decide about the total amount of richness we gathered within our own lifetime. If a rich person will give to the poor, or a good cause, then it's a commendable deed indeed. Nevertheless, when that same person would give only with the intention of keeping the poor in poverty so to always be in the ability of giving, then his/her level of wealth will stay completely at rock bottom. When a person gives, then it must be given with the goal of eradicating the wrong, or rather inequality within society regarding the matter wherefore people give. Everything else will be seen as a matter of the mind only, and not of the soul in any way. The same thinking goes for those who are poor because even they can give within their poverty. And this is no different for those who govern the policy of an institution related to a good cause, meaning having a just perception of it vis-à-vis a certain culture for instance, even the one they live in themselves. And ditto for when we would be talking about journalism. True, real and sincere giving is in no way connected to what a person owns, or doesn't own, nor what a person beliefs, or doesn't belief in. It's plain and simple being humane to one another, everyone that is, even being so towards nature.

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