Power versus nobility

93) When we belief in G-d, and would take the core of His message into the deepest depth of our heart, then it will open every door of a room wherein we will be entitled to explore everything within wisely, not foolish. On the other hand, if we would tarnish His goodness, His good name, then we without doubt will time and time again hit a wall of sadness within our own heart, even if we don't realize it. This is so because we try to live against our nature. It doesn't in any way refer to actions others could do unto another person which can cause someone to fall into such a situation. That in itself tells a lot about those who would act within such a state of the mind. Only, we have to be aware that whatever step we take, that it will be one of justice vis-à-vis the world around us, unto all matters of life that is. We just need to look upwards to know what a belief in G-d means. True, the very nature of nature shows us how plentiful the potential of opportunities are which it gives us when we would start to explore the universes. It's a wealth that knows no boundaries, but one that when handled without the proper care and respect can result in a drama where after we never would have wished to have entered such an adventure in the first place. Nevertheless, it's neither an act of wisdom when we would keep on looking downwards to the ground, to the dust of the earth because the only thing we will see and witness is dust. We won't move one inch forward when we keep our heads down. Our opportunities will become meaningless, as there are as good as none to be found when we want to excel in goodness. Yes, we would merely be watching a wall of dust, one of time, while the opposite view will give us the incentive of exploring a world beyond time and space, beyond what confines us to what resembles captivity. After all, we have to remember that when the Hebrew/Jewish people departed out of Egypt, out of their enslavement, that many gentiles went along with them. There is no one who can imprison the soul again once it becomes liberated, unless you yourself and like minded personalities do want it to be as such anew for many who are innocent to the evil thought created solely within the confines of the body and mind, out of selfishness related to a struggle for power thus, and an unhealthy one in relation to the well-being of humankind.

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