Returning to our roots

95) We have many denominations within every religion. At least, that's how we have named the different groups within a certain belief. But denomination is not quite a correct definition because people can have different opinions regarding a certain matter. Everyone of us has been given a free mind to think. It doesn't mean that we in such a kind of freedom are correct in what we do assume to be as is. Anyhow, this is how we should understand it, even within the domain of what people do or don't belief in. However, this is a bit different within the Judaic faith. There we had Moshe who truly transmitted in person the entire word of G-d to the Jewish people. We know what it was, and is, even how many rules and regulations were, and are supposed to be performed like the Sabbath for instance. Later, due to many years of study, and subsequently new thoughts/assumptions, things became not that clear anymore, and people began to have different opinions. The Judaic faith became more diverse, more enriched in certain cases. Nevertheless, different groups did emerge to the forefront of the world. People started to call them sects. And some of them broke away from the belief of their parent's home. Their conviction of being the only ones who were right was often so great that they even had let them become trapped within the temptation of cutting all connection to their former self, even the root of what they believed in, namely the one G-d. Their unjustified hatred became so enormous that they even wanted to force the gentile in becoming, in a certain way, a pseudo-Jew. They began to act against the very nature of who they were, and who G-d is, and as a result started to oppose every Torah wisdom, like the fact that the gentiles only needed to abide by the seven Noahide laws, not the 613, which have only been put aside for the Judaic faith. Nonetheless, in one thing was the person who caused this deadly and murderous rebellion to occur right, and that is that he was not of this world because no one of us truly is when we solely refer to the spiritual one. No one of us is really of this world as our soul belongs to the kingdom of G-d, to His nation in a manner of speaking. Our body however does belong to the world in which it lives while our mind serves as a bridge between both. This means that we in person are an integral part of the world below as well as the above. That's the true message of the Torah, the one that the rebellion tried to erase out of people's mind, causing a culture of dead to emerge worldwide, even beyond the Roman empire, beyond its accepted thoughts embedded within its lifestyle. Yes, we can't become a light unto the nations when we would long for our dead from the very beginning of our life into this world. This would be a suicidal world. And we all do know where such a world will bring us eventually.

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