A mightily stem cell

97) There is a very interesting discovery that we have come to witness when we refer to the cell of life. It has become known that we can fill an empty stem cell with whatever we want to create with it, or clone. As such, the creation of a liver alone becomes not impossible, nor a heart for that matter. Man could even create a dinosaur when he knows its DNA. We can create all life equal, or we can make it diverse, and unique. Humankind has entered a time wherein it can play god, and destroy itself, or it can act wisely, and listen to the guidance of its G-d in this very sensitive matter. Whatever decision we take, the future seems to lie entirely within our might. At least, this is how it seems to those whose sight is blurred by the power they hold within their hands, or rather their selfishness that went for a coup against their own self. But this new and recent discovery will only enlighten humankind when we take upon ourselves the task of preserving its wisdom, the wisdom of sharing it with everyone for the well-being of all, even nature. Once it becomes only restricted to a few, then it will transform itself into an ugliness that knows no remorse. It can only enrich the world when it becomes an asset of the entire world of man, but within the wisdom of the soul of that same community. Humankind has no right to play with the lives of others, neither when it has the capability of creating it. Life is to precious to start playing with fire, a fire that can spread, and put the entire world ablaze. What we have in our hands within medical science with regard to the enormous opportunities, even possibilities, that stem cell research can offer humankind goes beyond our wildest dreams, but one step into the wrong direction can cause a ripple effect beyond our worst nightmare. We have the freedom to decide which way we want to go. Only, we have to be fully aware that there is only one way that will lead to our redemption, ultimately salvation in all of this. Everything else will cause endless and needless suffering when it doesn't need to be going this way at all. The power is in our hands. That's true to a certain point. Only, the wisdom that guides us to share that power is what finally could give the entire world the light it deserves.

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