The key to our survival

96) Humankind's existence, its survival depends largely on the firm cohesion between its different cultures. If it becomes broken, if the link between one another becomes very fragile, then it will often lead us into a direction that can only become a cause for concern that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible before it deteriorates out of control. It of course doesn't mean that everyone should follow a like-minded pattern of how s/he has to live his/her life. But there are basic laws where upon humankind is founded, and this naturally as well as spiritually. Those are the same for everyone. We only have to put the seven Noahide laws next to the tables with the Ten Commandments upon them to understand the necessity of doing our utmost in preserving, and fulfilling the wisdom that those laws do teach us. These laws don't permit us to follow the path of the divide and rule philosophy. They are laws written with the purpose of unifying humankind, of uniting the gentile with the gentiles, and the Jewish people with the gentiles. Their wisdom is the bridge between every culture that could otherwise have been kept in the dark for too long. It's a wisdom that holds every people's freedom in high esteem because they are entitled to live their own life as how they want it to be lived, the same as it was to become for the people who followed the path of the house of Yisrael, of Yaacov, and thus eventually Moshe. If the chain however becomes broken, then a durable peace can never be achieved for as long as man is not committed to the foundation where upon his world has been created. When we try to achieve it without repairing what truly does need to become fixed first of all, then we will only imprison ourselves in our delusions, creating our own encirclement. Some would call it the cycle of violence. But that's only a side effect of it. At the end, we can only succeed in what we in the deepest depth of our heart do want to become successful in when we learn to return to the root wherein we were born, the crib of civilization in a manner of speaking. Diversity can only enrich the world of humankind, of all life, when we don't rebel against the very source that gave us this freedom to be diverse, and build our home upon it, the same as the house of Yisrael did, the Jewish people.

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