Light has no end while darkness has

100) Humankind has since we can remember always lived its history within the concept of good and wrong, or good and evil. The one is very patiently while the other sometimes extremely impatient. The one awaits the best moment, the ultimate opportunity to bring evil a devastating blow, and the other can't wait for goodness to be entirely erased from our world. The more we learn, the better we will become in correctly differentiating between both, even in our studies, or research. However, what we never must do is trying to equalize it with the story of Bereishis (Genesis), especially with what happened at the forbidden tree in the middle of the Garden. It's not Adom's Chava that did wrong. It's the serpent. But both seem to have let them equally be put on a wrong foot which eventually led to thousands of years of injustice to women all over the world due to what we could call a twisted interpretation that became a widespread fact that couldn't become opposed within every society that is. They (Adom and Chava) knew that it wasn't authorized. At least, so it feels in first instance. But we may nonetheless assume that G-d really did wanted that Chava would entice Adom to eat from the fruit of the tree based on what the serpent said. Maybe it's a strange turnaround from the traditional point of view in this matter. On the other hand, let's think about it for a while. And yes, if knowledge of knowing the difference between good and evil serves humankind in making its world a better place for everyone, then Adom and Chava had to trespass the forbidden which was not really forbidden anymore at the set time. This is a very logical assumption when you put the entire history of humankind next to it because that knowledge has always served humankind in its defense against evil tendencies, even those within ourselves. Therefore should we neither forget that Chava was brought to Adom, and as Adom became aware of his/her soul, s/he was entitled to know the difference so that the soul could turn the body into a light. Now the body could become fully united with its mind and soul. If it wouldn't have happened, man would only have kept being a natural human being without a soul, or rather without realizing that he does have one. A new dawn occurred, and man lives within that very important moment within human history already for over more than 5760 years. It would be a waste of breath when we let us slip back to before that period in man's evolution.

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