Only souls of light

102) Some amongst man assume with a mind of anger that G-d gives and takes. They therefore can't really belief wholeheartedly in what He has transmitted to many others during humankind's history. They can't reconcile themselves with a G-d who could take away from you what they feel is rightly theirs. But G-d never takes away. He only gives. He gives with the purpose of letting you learn what's most important, the values of life. It are those values whereupon the entire natural world has been build wherein we as a human being do live as well. Thus what He gives us are the tools wherewith we can come to learn to show our deepest respect for that what should be given our utmost attention if we really are committing ourselves to safeguard the future of our children, even the one of many more generations to come, as well as all of nature in general. It teach us thus that G-d never really takes away from us, but it are we ourselves who have come to learn the difference between what is truly right, and what's not. Or we have to blame ourselves because we have believed for too long in something that was not true, a belief in something that caused a tremendous and unnecessary suffering to even many worldwide for instance. We ourselves will therefore do away with that what caused this suffering, what tempt us to follow, and bow down to idol gods. True, sometimes we feel anger as well when loved ones do pass away. We feel that it's not right, especially when it's a child. We assume it to be an injustice, and start to direct our anger towards Him, the One who loves us deeply. But no one of us has been given an eternal life within the nature of his/her body. It's only a given within the world of our soul, within the one of our Chava (=Eve). No, what's always most important is that we learn from that what has been given us, or from whom we have shared our own life with, no matter if it was for a short while, or a very long one indeed. Remember that our loved ones never really do part away from us. Our souls keep being connected with one another always.

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