The roots of humankind

101) Achieving a real and everlasting peace is a most commendable desire we can't force upon people's shoulders. Searching for the perfect formula that will bring it onto the doorstep of every household worldwide is not a contest. It's not something we want to achieve because we may get a price for it ourselves in this world. If we would do it just for that, then we may be assured of the fact that we won't ever find the path that could guide us towards that most sought after achievement since we can remember. There are no shortcuts. It has been a process of evolution of people's mind for over more than 5760 years now, an evolution that can only come to a successful end when we first of all would be prepared to keep building that strong foundation, one build on the merits of respect, love, above all truth, even and foremost in G-d, His word in the Torah. And it's only afterwards that we will become in the ability of trying to move one step further. When we don't do this first, then nothing will last what we ever would wrongly assume to have materialized, to have finished. True, bringing the concept of peace into the hearts of billions of faithful and G-d 'fearing' people is a process. It's as such because billions have been misguided into believing something that was, is and will never be right. Yes, the root of the problem that the world has been in arms with for centuries is caused by a completely wrong perception. Therefore, for as long as this is not solved first, a durable peace cannot be marketed within the hearts of many. It, the problem's root, will always keep simmering till it one day or another is brought to a boiling point once again. This is so true because the deep depth of many people's heart has been completely cut off from the reality they have been forbidden to belief in for so long. They know nothing else, even when the truth walks right in front of their eyes. However, their leaders have told it them to be not as such, that the truth is a lie, is false, for more than thousand years. And the revised version already existed, within the culture of the different regions they do live in, long before their ancestors ever came in connection with a one G-d belief, the Judaic faith that doesn't accept the existence of demons, nor devils, neither satan, and nor hell for that matter thus. Every one of these creatures is a complete imagination of the mind of those who deliberately took a Hebrew word completely out of context for the purpose of letting people falsely think that the religion they would come to accept is not that different than theirs, then the one of their ancestors. Still, if this major wrong is not tackled first, don't hope to achieve a durable lasting peace. It won't come. To explain it by using Islam as an example: In the eyes of the Sunnite's, the Shiites are infidels, and this is the same for the Shiites' view vis-à-vis the Sunnite's. In short it means thus that every single human being is an infidel, even every Islamic believing Muslim/Arab, even their prophet Mohammed thus, not one exception. And this is no different between the different denominations of Christianity, nor within Judaism thanks to the other two that is. So yes, before we can truly move on beyond the building of a foundation of peace, a very strong one has to be build first for otherwise everything will stay an idle hope without an end in sight instead of an enduring peace forever and ever. But keep in mind that the concept of demonic creatures is alien to Judaism, even to G-d! Man has to regain his true roots.

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