Civilization at a crossroad

104) When the Adom of this world, the one that brought humankind into a new dawn, was only just single, then it was as it was. When another person became part of this new endeavor, they were with two. And out of these two human beings, a third one became born. Both adoms (=humans) had not only found each other, then as well their soul. A new life rose up from out of the ashes, the dust of an old civilization in a manner of speaking. They grew as a family, and they will keep being one everlasting no matter with how many they will be. There will be setbacks and moments of joy to celebrate. Whatever would happen, nothing could stop this wagon once it rolled out into the world's limelight. The bond was strong, the foundation not tarnished by corruption, nor greed. It withstood the flood during Noah's era, and many more storms of unbelievable strength whether by nature, or by man. It even became a punching bag for whatever evil other people around it would want to throw over its head and shoulders, but nothing could destroy the foundation, one of pure solid gold, or a diamond of pure finesse. Yes, it knew that even when they were man themselves, and not faultless, that what lived within them was, is and will always be of a tremendous value to the well-being of the entire human race. The world of the Adoms were well aware that one day the people living around them will open their eyes, see what they did, and realize how wrong they themselves were. It's only to hope that repentance will be a word of knowledge within their dictionary, as it clearly is yet not deeply embedded within their faith. Yeah, we can only hope because man has been given the freedom to choose which path he wants to go next. If he wants the suicidal one, then this one it will be, and the consequences of that choice will be felt for sure. But there is an alternative, namely the one that the Adom of the Garden of Eden has chosen to go for. It's the path that will bring humankind back to that most enjoyable time man once possessed so to always know where to go next without losing one bit of personal freedom, nor his desire to live in peace, and respect for the sanctity of every single form of life. It's one of the choices to be made wherewith man will regain his true roots, who he really has always been, his true nature so to speak.

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