Don't need not to be ashamed

105) Many people around the world will without doubt know what falling into a depression means. We won't have to draw a picture of it. It's for sure not something that a person really wants to experience once again ever. However, it's neither an illness to be ashamed of because it can happen to everyone within his/her lifetime. What's important to remember is that it's natural to have one. It's a signal of our body so to let us know that we did something wrong, in how we anticipated a certain situation for instance, in how we reacted to it, or maybe not when we should have done so in a proper and just manner. Yes, that we perhaps also behaved in a manner that it, the body, couldn't cope with anymore, and it began to react by changing our inner chemical structure in such a way that it caused us to fall into a state of depression. With some it will almost go unnoticed while others will have it a hard time to regain their mental strength of before. This is so because for as long as our inner chemistry doesn't regain its normalcy again, we will be, or feel depressed. But no matter how we tumble into one, it's not something unnatural. We're here to learn, and such an experience gives us the opportunity to learn a lot about ourselves, of what we can, what our limits are, those we have to be aware of not to cross. It can also give us a great opportunity to come to terms with the behavior of others around us like employers for instance who have a tendency of not respecting the well-being of their employees, and what is humanly permissible, keeping in mind that everyone is different, is unique. However, a depression is not that different from people who have experienced a stroke. It's neither something we should do away with as if there is nothing to be worried about because there is. It tells us that we need to change our rhythm, to learn to live a better life, one with more depth. Yeah, that a boss needs to become more humane for instance, more connected to what life is really all about, even to those who work for him/her. You could therefore state that a depression is a kind of mental stroke. If we won't listen, then something much worse is about to happen like a heart attack, or worse, namely an arterial rupture. A depression could thus theoretical cause someone to change his/her views from one that sanctifies life to one that beautifies dead. And the worse thing that can happen will be when wanting to really commit a suicide, or become suicidal, even within a person's faith, in equality with an arterial rupture, namely something that is final when it happens, but not always the last word that is said, or talked about.

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Thanks... ...voor je reactie op mijn blog :-)

Wou nog iets verduidelijken over de zonnetoren:
Ik denk dat je de komma en/of punt niet hebt gezien bij de tempratuur aanduiding. Het is max. 70.0c° i.p.v. 700c° (oeps)

Wou ook dit nog even kwijt: Ben wel geintreseerd in de Joodse Volk, Culture en gedachten, lijkt mij boeiend, maar dat kan misschien wel komen door de paar boeken die ik gelezen heb over de Mossad ;-)

Groetjes Patrick

Posted by: Patrick | 07/20/2007

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Okidoki Dank u Patrick voor de info. Maar 70 is ook nog redelijk hoog, maar althans misschien minder problematisch als er iets mis loopt tenzij er zo tien naast mekaar gebouwd zijn en ze alle tien de hittesluizen openen, en dan kom je ook aan 700 niet?

Het is in elke geval gelukkig geen 7000. :-)

Maar het is en blijft iets waar men gerust verder onderzoek kan in uitvoeren me dunkt. Het ziet er veelbelovend uit als alles prima werkt.

Groetjes Bernadette

P.S. En dank u voor uw interesse in het Jodendom. En ja, het is een rijkelijke cultuur met veel diversiteit. En juist, de adventurier kan binnen de Mossad zich ten volle uitleven. :-)

Posted by: Bernadette Schaepdryver | 07/20/2007

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