Learning to know everything

103) Sometimes we wonder about the why that man didn't came to know all that there was to be known with regard to G-d and his world from the very moment man's history began to take shape. Well, if it had happened the way we would like it to have happened, then not one man would have ever believed in what many do belief in today. It would have been too much to bear. Man was not yet ready to absorb this kind of wealth, of spiritual richness. Even the Adom who is well known within our midst became only aware of his/her Chava, and nothing more than that. However, it was the most important novelty to be taught. Nothing thereafter could have become what it became when this knowledge wouldn't have been taught first of all. If man wouldn't have become aware of his soul, then no one today would be talking about G-d, nor believing in Him. Nevertheless, when man came to know his help, his Chava (=soul/Eve), he truly was being given everything that was to be known about G-d and His world. And when such a vision is to be assumed as not being true, then man wouldn't have been able to move one inch forward within the domain of spirituality, nor in the natural one for that matter. Therefore, it's not wrong to make such a statement at all. The Adom of the Garden of Eden knew everything that there was to be known, and so do we as well. We're only not yet fully aware of it, of the richness we have living within us all. It often even becomes a matter of a greater importance within certain times when G-d feels that man is ready to move again a bit closer towards Himself. It are times when we too will feel that something is about to change, times when the entire world is put before the challenge of choosing between doing what's right, and what's not. But before a just decision in this matter can be taken, we have to acquaint ourselves with the knowledge of what and whom our soul represents, and above all what everything really means within this matter. If we don't do this first, then we honestly can't expect to be living a just life, one in justice towards our neighbor, or fellow human being wherever s/he may reside within the world of humanity. Being right is not always quite right. Sometimes, or often it's wrong, even completely so when we keep abiding by a falsity, wrongly assuming it to be a truth.

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