Raising a hue and cry

107) Every person can claim to be a believer in the G-d of the Hebrew/Jewish people. It doesn't in any way mean that s/he truly does so because believing in G-d is one thing, fulfilling what He has transmitted to all of humankind is quite something else. Not every Jewish personality can even claim to be doing so. Anyhow, a belief in Him does require from us that we don't give in to the temptation of skipping certain parts of His word within the Torah. The ones we like, we keep, and those we don't, we discard as if it's trash. Or, as some have done, try to revise it by misusing the given opportunity a translation gives to make it more compatible with your own religious non-Judaic views so that it falls in line with everything you would want others to assume to be right, to be true when it in reality is not. It's not because you want to revere a certain person, and make sure that everything that has been written would become a match with what that person has done or said within his lifetime that it does refer to that person. The mind of certain people can be tricky when it comes to the blinding opportunity of acquiring power over others, but the soul of these persons will raise a hue and cry. They will cry it out, and ask for justice to be served because the soul knows that hard times are ahead in those circumstances when His word has been defiled, been mutilated into a horror, something that is more in line with the barbaric tendencies of the people of that time like those of ancient Greece, even the Romans, not to mention the Barbarians from whence the name comes. It therefore should be of no surprise to us that faiths who became born out of such a mutilation wrongly assumed that the Torah was not correct, was faulty. As a result, humankind witnessed two mutilations of G-d's Torah, and both do claim to be the truth while not wanting to accept that the Hebrew Torah has never been changed, not a word been altered, and neither deleted. Yes, the longing for ultimate power over the entire human race can cause a severe blindness to enter every household, but the soul won't be silenced. It will raise a hue and cry till the wrong will have been corrected, and the Torah's good name been restored to its rightful glory, even its people, the Jewish people, as well as the Noahide gentile, not forgetting G-d's temple in Yerushalayim, the temple of peace to all of humankind.

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