Thank G-d

109) When we would have the ability to watch the world of today from a distance, then we will have to admit that we came from very far, and that we really progressed to a better life. Of course, we're not yet there where we really wanted to be. The road had been long, but there are still quite a few miles to go before we can relax, and say thank G-d, it's over, it's done, we've made it. Yes, we should be grateful to Him who did let it all happen. If it were not for Him to have chosen a people, the Hebrew/Jewish people, then humankind would perhaps not have existed anymore a long time ago. Or people would still be succumbing daily under the enormous hardship, even pressure, that would have befallen hundreds of millions when we keep in mind the atrocities, mentally and physically, that were being committed against the body and mind of the lower caste of society within many gentile societies. No, thank G-d that He has chosen Him a people to guide humankind, and bring them to the place He wanted, and does want them to see, to witness its beauty, its light, realizing the tremendous achievement they all will have achieved. Yes, all of them, Jews and gentiles together, because such an endeavor can only succeed when every human being is prepared to work, to do his/her designated task within a well oiled team. However, it's sadly true that the ancient old practice of barbaric societies are nevertheless still a great cause of concern throughout the world entire, even within western society thus. The darkness of the past is still looming around the corner, and ready to spread its tentacles all around once again. There is still a struggle to be fought, a last battle to overcome. It doesn't need to be one with the weapons of slaughter, but fighting the inner battle within us all can become very demanding, even mentally. We can't expect everyone to be up to the task, especially when knowing in what kind of thought of the mind they have been living for ages. Anyhow, it has to be fought if we want to succeed in pushing the last dark spot within the societies of the human race to the past for good. We cannot let slip the rewards of enlightenment through our fingers. We just can't because man's true nature is him being a light, as He has given him his help, namely the soul we all have within us so to speak, our Chava (=Eve). It's this help that has been created in His likeness, which resulted in man becoming a creation in His likeness as well, even before man became aware of him having a soul.

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