A convenient truth

114) When we listen to our inner self, then we will without doubt discover not an inconvenient truth, but rather a convenient one. It will reveal that hell doesn't exist, and neither its occupants, nor its leader, or god for that matter. Yeah, its god because that's what it always has been, a fear of man for that what he couldn't yet understand about his natural surrounding, even his inner body, like his fear for earthquakes, volcano activity, and matters of fertility. He began to worship it, and man started to create all kinds of gods. People offered to these gods in the hope that it would assuage their god's anger, which couldn't of course, as there was no god at all. But little did they know about the reality of what they thought, the truth that was to be no truth. It's only thanks to the emergence of a one G-d belief that man slowly began to grasp the knowledge about his inner personality, the one he truly was, is, and always will be, namely a human being with a soul, a light, never darkness. However, it was known from the beginning that it would take a very long time before all of man would come to understand that no peace will arrive till the creatures of the past out of man's phantasm will be gone for good. It are those that keep man from truly achieving a durable and all encompassing lasting peace between all of humankind everlasting. But we nevertheless shouldn't discard so easily man's nature before he became acquainted with his soul because if man hadn't lived as he lived within those times, then we wouldn't have known a thing about how things do happen within nature. It's thanks to man's curiosity that he first of all realized the presence of his soul, a knowledge he turned into a richness, and a hunger for learning more. It's thanks to this evolution within man's psyche that we can learn to know who we really are, and what is expected from us to fulfill in our lifetime no matter if it's a short one or a long one. Yes, every step we take will have caused what it wanted to achieve. Even an unborn child can change the future for the better in a manner of speaking, also when it would be a stillborn one. Its soul will have done what needed to be done, as every soul is light. No other world exists than the one we live in, and the one of our soul. Everything else are just fantasies out of a man's fear for what he doesn't know yet.

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Very enlightened article Bernadette. This is what it's all about. The soul and light.

Posted by: Fernando Soave | 07/27/2007

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