The Torah has never been a 'truth', but..

112) We're well aware of the fact that when everyone would live a life in celibacy that it could also be understood as one that will lead humankind to its end. No children will be born within such a world till the last human being will have inhaled his/her last breath of air. However, it's not quite wrong when a person would decide that s/he would want to live the rest of his/her life all alone because you never are really single in a humane world. There will always be people around who will help you when help is needed. And you will help them reciprocally if possible based on a person's abilities as well as possibilities, or even capabilities. Every soul is part of a unified whole within a humane world. But it should never be ruled that we can only belief deeply in what G-d wants from us when living a life in celibacy. This would also have to be viewed as a desire not only of self-extinction, but a suicidal one as well. And we're well aware that such a longing would have to be classified under the denominator of worshipping a culture of dead instead of being one of life. Those amongst man who therefore think that our world needs to end by dead when everything becomes fulfilled should think again, again, and again thoroughly before committing such a genocide wherewith they try to lure everyone into following the same deadly 'murderous' and barbaric inhumane desire. If this would have been a case of truth in how a belief in G-d, His word in the Torah, really could have meant to the gentile world, then these people should read it more deeply once more instead of just merely superficially. After all, He said that His covenant with His people will be an everlasting one, even His word in the Torah will be no matter the faults and the setbacks of the people in question. But when a word as well as a covenant is meant to be everlasting, then our world will not come to an end at all, just only being a transition between one world of human evolution into another one by evolution, nothing more than that. However, in the one world it was known that man didn't believed in his Chava, his soul thus, while we are now trying to grasp the momentum of what this new reality really means till we come to understand it fully, and we can enter the next world with our Torah in the deepest depth of our heart, the light of humankind thus. Yes, G-d's word has never been a truth. It's no truth at all. It's light, the brightest light a man can encounter within his life because it's his soul.

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