Culture of light

117) We have in Judaism a very rich culture, and extremely diverse. It's perhaps one of the most diverse nation in existence within the world of humankind, an example not to be taken lightly. Yes, not to be taken lightly because it shows us how it is most important that man of all ages and cultures should work together in bringing our entire world into better times, a time wherein everyone can be who s/he really is, namely a light, a soul in His kingdom based on what every single one of us has to fulfill so that we all can succeed, and our children as well as their children, and so on can live happily ever after for generations to come everlasting. And it's true that it has already been said many times over and over again in that there is no time to waste. Therefore, let us not waste it. Only, let us make sure that we not take our steps in a hurry neither so that we won't walk straight onto a path which isn't the one that will bring us into that Garden of Eden of His. Correct, even when we can have different gifts, there is only one path that will bring us where we within the light of our soul really would want to be forever. Yeah, we can have within one single house a very diverse togetherness of all kinds of people, but they will all do what is needed to be done within one house that is build on a foundation, not foundations. As we can have many planets whereupon life could be possible, there will be only one Heaven no matter where we settle. And that tells us quite a lot already about who we are as a human being, and what is expected from us that we take care of within our life, even within the time that we have been given. It's something not to be taken lightly because we are a light so to enlighten the entire house!

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