Harmony on every level of our life

115) G-d once taught us that His light will not abide in man forever. We came to learn that it won't stay within the body for over more than 120 years. It teach us thus that there will never be a natural world wherein man will live an eternal life, even when he on a spiritual level will do so. Man's soul, and G-d's light thus, will live on everlasting in that kind of world. A human who thinks wrongly in this will without doubt cause a lot of suffering to occur in this world we live in, especially when s/he becomes accepted as a person with authority. S/he will mislead people. S/he will lead people astray, a thick darkness will eventually hover over every house, as happened in Egypt during Moshe's lifetime. True, there is no such thing as the acquisition of an eternal life within the nature of who we are in body alone, nor can our soul give it us. Even when we as a Jew and gentile in body, mind, and soul could follow the path of a righteous human being, then it will not give our human nature its eternal life within its capacity as a body. However, we do have the ability of mastering an everlasting consciousness, but only as a conscious thought that we in reality as a soul won't die ever because at the end of the road we're a light, a soul that wants to create a Garden of Eden. We are enticed to do so because our nature, the person we really are, wants to live a life that is equal to the world above. That's what the dream of Yaacov somehow does transmit to us as well. In that dream, he saw angels descending and ascending a ladder. What he saw were beings of light, souls descending and ascending. It means that as G-d said that His light will not abide in man forever, so will souls descend into the human world, and ascend back to the one above. Angels are in reality creations of light. This revelation means thus that we through our soul's light are equal to them on the spiritual level. It also reveals that once we succeed in bringing the world below in complete equality, and thus in harmony with the world above, that it will seem that we in body will live an eternal life because our soul will witness no difference. Yes, both worlds will have become a complete oneness with each other, as how it was prophesied.

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