The accused people

116) Quite a lot of people do want to see Eretz Yisrael as being just another nation within a world of nations. They don't want to regard it as something special, something different, least of all a nation with a mission of light, and being a light thus. It's beyond their comprehension to accept it as one belonging to a people that have been chosen to be that very special light unto the nations. Yes, these kind of people watch the world with their eyes, their nature alone, not in any way through the light of their soul. They belief in G-d solely with their body, not their soul. For them it's inconceivable to accept that a people would stand above them, but in their blindness don't realize that they themselves are a light as well, the same as every Jew is. It's the reason why they do want to see it erased, that they do want the Jewish people to be like them, blind in every possible way you can be blind to the concept of reason, but above all respect for another people's faith and belief in G-d, especially the authentic one. Yeah, the only one wherein every person from every corner of the world, no matter in what s/he beliefs, will always find and acquire the wisdom to set his/her soul completely free. However, they in their blindness do want to see it being wiped away from the map of the Earth because they fear the day that they would have to come to accept their wrong. They therefore want to see it erased, homes completely razed to the ground, not one stone left in sight for it could still become the cornerstone of their fall, as people will see it, start asking questions, and perhaps will hopefully begin the process of thinking again for themselves instead of listening to the mentality of the herd wherein they are forbidden to think differently, certainly not by using the wisdom of the soul, a person's light. In a certain way do they feel the heat of that day in their neck, and think that by erasing the memory of what the chosen people do stand for that they can keep the day of judgment away from knocking on their very own door, making sure that only their version of world judgment will knock on every Jewish household, and of those who still would have refused to comply with their nature. But the Jewish people by the way have an inheritance of light to cherish, as no one else can fulfill this task in their stead. Their inheritance stands even above every international law, rules and regulations, even resolutions because what they belief in is the Law of laws, the Rule of rules, and the Regulation of regulations, even the Resolution of resolutions. Yes, what they belief in is the light of the world, the light of humankind. Let's not forget that many Jews and gentiles do say about G-d as Him being the King of kings, and thus His Law being the Law of laws, and so on.

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