A lightning goodness

119) We in our G-dly religious world do have to a certain point a kind of special trinity that exists, namely the one of body, soul, and spirit. And many aren't aware of it, except for the one of body, mind and soul, a trinity that stands a bit lower on the spiritual ladder. Yes, our nature defines us as being a body with a soul. That soul is our light. It can only do us good because it knows no evil. Hence, evil is in reality only a manmade expression for when we would do something bad, or wrong that isn't conform the rules of the community we live in, and can't be defined as just merely something bad or wrong based on the kind of world a person lives in. It means that what's evil for one isn't necessarily the same for someone else, or for another people. This reveals that it's something questionable. And we can say the same about good, the one we've created within our very own community/nation. However, our soul knows only good, and that kind of goodness is for everyone the same, as its goodness build on G-d's spiritual foundation which spans His entire world. Yeah, it has been created fully in His likeness, goodness not build on our ego. This means that when we log on unto the world of our soul unconditionally, that we will know goodness as we never knew it to be. Only, this goodness knows no evil, and therefore it becomes a cause of no concern anymore. We will know how to be light, a light as bright as can be, and learn the real difference between both. Yeah, it is said that man ate from the apple in the middle of the Garden of Eden, and became aware of good and evil. But we ourselves today can't honestly claim that we do know, as not everyone does find him-/herself residing on one and the same line of thought in this. In a certain way is G-d's spirit thus still hovering over the waters of the present world. It means that as there are many souls, there's only one spirit, just as there's only one G-d, and one body of humanity that can connect itself to the immense and enriching world of souls, a world of light.

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