Heaven and our nature

118) For centuries, even millenniums, the world of man has been engulfed not so much with a choice between right and wrong, or good and bad, rather with good and evil. And there is nothing wrong with these three choices available within our lexicon. However, man has started to cultivate a habit of expanding the notion of evil. Yes, due to a wrong Hebrew translation, or perception of what the word really was referring to, gentiles have made within their religious worlds no real tangible efforts in changing their ancient old habit of believing in what is widely known as hell. But what many perhaps aren't aware of is that such a fiction became a manmade creation due to his fear of what flows beneath the earth man lives on, namely magma, and especially his tremendous fear when a volcano erupted in those times which preceded the one of the one G-d believing Adom, even beyond it within the gentile world. Yeah, the immense heat, higher than whatever man knew at that time, became a matter of great concern he couldn't find a plausible explanation for. And so he created a god for it, but at the same time didn't realized what kind of god it would become over time, namely the one of a self-created manmade fictive world, the anti-G-d with his gods in a way of speaking, or positive and negative. But if there is to be a positive pole and a negative one, then it reflects in our religious world merely on the spiritual and the natural thing, and nothing else. Yeah, all the rest is just the work of human imagination, mostly, as said, out of fear for what man didn't comprehend about his nature, even the one all around him. Therefore, we do have a Heaven, and a world below as well, the one we live in right now that is, nothing lower. But it's not hell in any way. It's just simply nature, a nature we can enlighten by being light, or make it as dark as can be, a grave(!) alike. It's our free choice between right and wrong, good and bad, or even good and evil. There's nevertheless only one path that will guide us rightly no matter how diverse we are culturally and otherwise.

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