Pregnancy without pain

123) When we read the Torah superficially, then it seems to tell us that a pregnancy would have been without pain when man wouldn't have eaten from the fruit of the tree within the middle of the Garden of Eden. And we know that this interpretation caused a lot of unjustified suffering to many women worldwide within every sector of life, even community. At the end, there was, is, and will never be justification for what became a widespread phenomenon within human society. Yes, a practice that in reality was completely contrary to what G-d's word did, does, and will always stand for. Every Jewish person knows this because a woman is revered as the most important member of the house, not the man, or the father of the family. The mother stands at the helm of every Jewish household, and as such is a child's descent not related to the father, but to his/her mother. With this knowledge at hand, and freely available, should every male non-Jew already become in the ability of knowing that his behavior towards women, even his wife, shouldn't be what he has been taught about this particular matter within the Torah. The deeper essence of what G-d transmitted to us is a prophecy, in how the new world will look like, not in what it will be till we enter that world in the fullest capacity of the body, mind and soul, a unified whole. However, we are for the time being still in a period of transition between one world and another one. And therefore do we know that man didn't sin when he ate from the apple, as he otherwise wouldn't have been able to learn how to progress towards the next world in his natural and spiritual evolution. It's even thanks to that knowledge that man for the very first time in his life became in the ability of differentiating in a just way between good and evil, between uprightness and lying, goodness and wrongness, justness and falsehood. Yes, man became in the knowledge of knowing in how to notice a false prophet at work, and when an upright one was knocking at a person's door. Some world religions are in a strive, even within themselves, to take away this ability within a man's knowledge instead of directing his path within an uprightness of mind regarding this matter. But once man succeeds in pushing these elements within humankind into a matter of history, then we will come to know forever and ever which path we have to wander upon always without pain, nor suffering, keeping in mind that we still do live our lives in body as well, and thus will die naturally, even when our Chava lives on forever within His world below and above in such a time, one world, no parallel world in sight anymore.

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