The end of Christianity and Islam

124) It may be branded as blasphemy, but the reality is what it is, namely in that Christians and Islamists will only find their true inner self once they come to terms with what they really belief in. True, this seems to be a statement which pushes every rational reasoning or even thinking over the edge of what's widely accepted as the norm of belief today within the non-Jewish world regarding Christianity and Islam. However, let us not wipe it off the table that easily because when we would start to think for ourselves, and look very carefully into the depth of the text of both religious books, meaning the Evangel and the Koran, even taking in consideration what some do say about them, then there is no way to be found wherewith you can go around the fact that both religions are anti-Semitic in nature. They are when you only would take their word as it was always meant to be interpreted. That's the very reason and nature of their own inner conflict between those who want to keep themselves very strongly attached to the foundation of the forefathers, namely the apostles on the one hand, and those who were chosen to step into Mohammed's shoes in a manner of speaking. And beside them you have the believers who are well aware that something is very wrong about what they belief in and how, but don't have at the moment a 100% workable solution to the problems vis-à-vis the Jewish people, towards Judaism, or even other gentile religions. They know, and at the same time are being in constant struggle with themselves because they for the moment refuse to go fully against what has been taught for centuries. It's a struggle between respecting your parents and going for a better future, bursting through the circle, or ancient old encirclement. Only, they often forget that they do have a soul, the same light all Jews have within them, and were, are and will always be the priests of light unto the nations so that every gentile could come to terms with his/her own guardian angel so to speak. Thus some most courageous decisions will therefore have to be taken, as both the Koran and the Evangel are manmade, not by G-d in any way. They have a timeframe, a beginning and an ending which isn't the case with regard to the Torah, the word which isn't G-d's truth. It's His light to all of humankind wherein a gentile can be a light unto the world as well without the need to be Jewish. People don't have to fear that they won't respect their parents once they realize that their elders have always been souls of light, and know that their children can only show their utmost respect to their heritage by correcting the mistakes, even grave once, which have been made due to man's ego no matter if they lasted for centuries, and having pulled the world in darkness ever since. There's always a time for change, an opportunity not to be missed, nor wasted for dare consequences will follow without doubt when so.

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Honor your father and your mother. When Mozes told the 10 commandments to his people they just weren't intended to take literaly but spiritualy. One of those commandments was : "Honor your father and mother."
Spiritualy this means 'Honor your father and mother in yourself' because we all have our father and mother in ourselves. This were the allusions that Jesus was making in reference to the Thora.

Posted by: Fernando Soave | 08/27/2007

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Parentally correct It's true that we have our parents within ourself as we have been born out of both, but many in the gentile world were born without the knowledge of their light within them, even the parents didn't knew. And so history went into very dark times due to this egocentric vision wherein no one really was aware of what the Torah really meant because no one in the gentile world was authorized to know it, meaning the Torah. It was not authorized within Christianity and not in Islam. Therefore, one who doesn't know his/her Torah won't know his/her soul.

It's the backbone of Judaism, of the eternal light within everyone of us, no one excluded. This means thus that both will come to an end as the person Jesus has said it himself that he is the alpha and the omega, the beginning of what he started, and what will also be the end of what he began because it was wrong, or it went completely wrong already from the moment it began, even Islam thus, as it became constructed out of the very grave faults of Christianity. Like it is said about the blind who are guiding the blind. Nothing else has to be searched for behind this alpha and omega phraseology, especially when you know more about the depth of the story of Queen Esther.

We can only have one light in G-d, not three. There is only one soul, one guide, one light. Some in Kabbalah even refer to only one body, and every human being is a particle of it, meaning that we all are a kind of a particle of that one body they refer to as the soul, one that we can assume to be the one of G-d Himself.

With that it in Kabbalah is meant that G-d is what we could call the upper soul wheras our soul lives within that body together with all the other souls, meaning that we and all life for that matter are connected to one another as we all do live as souls in that one soul body so to speak.

But the person Jesus and Mohammed have in Judaism a very bad resonance because of what these gentiles have done, and have caused the entire world to fall into. This is something that was, is and will be very wrong till it becomes corrected, which will result in the end of Christianity and Islam, as people will see what always was, and always will be.

The problem is that there is still a lot of fear in the gentile world for this time, in that their blindness will be healed and they not only will see again, but also will have to show the enormous courage to change direction. And it's not surprisingly that this fear is very great within the religious leadership of both religions, as these leaders know it already for centuries, but the ego causes them to keep the masses blind. Yes, as always, this enormous hunger for having power over others, often the wrong way.

And this end of Christianity and Islam is clearly visible, even through all the anti-Semitic rethoric within it, within the Koran and the Evangel thus. If a person knows his/her Torah well enough, then everyone will see it, understand it. It just needs practice to give your soul the fullest power that it needs to guide you, to make of you a light unto the nations.

Posted by: Bernadette Schaepdryver | 08/27/2007

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The reason It's also one of the reasons why extremism is still a plague worldwide within both Christianity and Islam. As the religious leaders know that it will come to end one day, some want to ignore this reality/fact by trying to force the entire world of humankind to comply solely with one or the other or else ... so to think that they can succeed in preventing this from happening. It reveals also the reason why Judaism, even Eretz Yisrael, the Jewish nation became, and still becomes attacked so extremely on all fronts, it being the mirror to that fact for as long as it in their eyes stays in existence to the last soul standing in a manner of speaking, enlightening humankind with its light.

There will be no soul without G-d, Judaism and Torah, only a fake one perhaps, or as it was before Adom of the Garden of Eden, the world without G-d, but many gods where even humans became sacrificed. But keep in mind that this attack against Judaism, the Jewish people and Eretz Yisrael began at the beginning of both religions, meaning that the very very very first religious leaders knew it already, and so did their followers knew it as well till today.

Posted by: Bernadette Schaepdryver | 08/28/2007

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