Light(e)ning the candle of our soul

125) When it comes to the matter of Eretz Yisrael, even the Jewish people and Yerushalayim, then quite a few gentiles do tend to fall sometimes very easily into the trap of legends by accepting its legendary guidance as a truth, even forcing the entire world to accept the Torah as something legendary, and no truth thus. However, humankind may never forget that something which is build on legends won't be constructed on a stable foundation. On the contrary, it will be extremely shaky. But this trend is understandable when you want to view another people as inferior to you, or what you belief being the only truth, not a light, turning things upside down. By pushing it, the other's belief thus, Judaism, into such a world of fantasy, it gave and gives the person or people who concocted this strategy the feeling that s/he or they are superior in nature. Yes, that's what s/he or they at the end only will be for a while that is, and when the other party would let it happen of course. The nature of his/her or their ego will be and become the rule of the day, mostly for ages as humankind has witnessed already on numerous occasions. This is so because people, foremost leaders, often belie themselves in that it's the soul, or even G-d for that matter who has given them the green light to act as s/he or they act. Then know that a man's soul, nor G-d will never behave in such a manner because it's wrong, it's evil. A man's soul knows only goodness, and in goodness it will guide, or it will be 'silent' when being silenced by man's ego. And a man's soul has been created in G-d's likeness, which means that G-d will behave as the soul behaves. If the soul could be evil, then G-d could and would be as well. So let us be very careful about what we say regarding our soul, or want to perceive as a truth for G-d's word is no truth. It's a light, the light of humankind. After all, it is said that His Chosen ones everlasting, the Jewish people, are to be seen as the light unto the nations. This light is the Jewish soul, the soul every person has in him/her, even the gentile thus because no Noahide law would have seen the light if it would have been otherwise. Yeah, five books we have in the Torah, but those five books have also five books residing within them, namely the literal, the figurative, the Midrash, the mystical or spiritual, and the prophetic one. And you can only try to learn and know your Torah well enough when you keep all of them together as a unity, not one of them separated from the other, neither in our study of the Torah.

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