Perception is the clue

126) We all do know about the story told regarding Adom and Chava (=Eve). It has widely been assumed and understood that people were talking about a man and a woman while it in reality goes about a man (Adom is Hebrew for human) in the sense of a human being and his/her Chava or soul. Both were thus very special in every way we would be conducting our study. After all, they marked the beginning of a new dawn for humankind. It was the start of a new way of life. Man had evolved by evolution into realizing that there was something more to life than just living it in body and mind, and thus only with the flesh, his nature, even his brain. Yeah, we know that man, even when not being aware of having a soul, has always wanted to belief in something higher, but was still too much constrained by his natural perception, or extremely attached to his natural desires/lusts, and didn't yet envisioned his spiritual freedom. We came to understand through archeological excavations in how they somehow performed their lifestyle. We learnt about their burial ritual, even their religious devotion around self created gods, not G-d yet. But everything changed with the arrival of this new man, the one who began to belief in the one G-d. And since that time, the world of man has never been the same anymore. However, many people who couldn't accept it yet kept struggling, harassing and combating this new lifestyle as something preposterous, something which should be eradicated entirely as soon and as quickly as possible. Well, after more than 5760 years, and many attempts to erase an entire people from this planet, we can say that time has come to burry the hatred, the enmity, and guide as a Jew and a gentile all of humankind fully into this new world, one many are still in doubt about, or feel a deep resentment towards it, even when they themselves do say to belief as a gentile in the one G-d. Yeah, Adom and Chava were very special in every sense of the way the transition of the world of man into a new dawn became a fact, and began preparing the path for humankind to enter the next one, the third stage of his evolution, a new dawn that is, the millennium Shabbos so to speak, or also known as G-d's Seventh Day, the one the Jewish people symbolical celebrate in preparation for this most blessed time man has ever known, the highest prophecy of all prophecies at the very beginning of the book of Bereishis (=Genesis). And there's also a prophecy to be extracted from out of the giant flood that occurred during the time of Noah's era when we're willing to see it.

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Hallokes ik wens U nog een aangename zondag en veel liefs...

Posted by: Athea | 09/09/2007

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