Whom we are

127) Knowing your body is knowing what can and what can't. It's also accepting the very person you are because knowledge about the strength and weaknesses of that same body will give you the edge regarding what needs to be given more attention in relation to possible illnesses, and perhaps in how to cure it when possible. But knowing how the chemistry works inside will give you a giant leap forward when trying to correct, or to adjust even your very own personality so that it keeps falling in line with what your soul does stand for, namely a being created in the likeness of G-d. It gives even the very essence of procreation a whole new dimension. Yes, giving birth to a new life doesn't necessarily mean that it can only be achieved through a marriage of a man and a woman, and the giving birth to a child later on thus. No, giving birth to a new life is also succeeding in guiding and bringing a human being within the light of his/her life, namely letting him/her coming to realize the depth of what it means to have a soul, to have that light within you, and what it entails. It's trying to guide him/her to learn it the proper way, to perceive it as it should be perceived so that s/he can really not only become a light, but truly become a guide of light as well for all those others who are still behind, who are still wandering in the darkness of their life, and seem to have lost their way home, somehow feeling trapped within other persons natural mind of thinking. However, knowing your body is also coming to terms with the fact that most of our actions and behavior are related to how the chemistry works like in cases of hormones starting to hold a wild party, or genes that need to be given a push into the right direction so to speak in a most appropriate medical and scientific humane way of course. It's also being aware of the fact that this knowledge doesn't reveal our weakness, but rather our strength because we know what's happening to us and why. This on its turn makes us capable of adjusting our lifestyle without compromising our soul's light, which can't be done in any way because not one soul can become a darkness. Yes, it gives us thus a lightning strength, a prophet Eliyah wisdom in a manner of speaking, because we won't cause injustice to occur unto innocent people who can't help to have fallen ill, or to even be epileptic for instance. Therefore, let it be known that man's soul is his strongest weapon against any natural corporal chances whether within and/or without, as no soul can be or behave evil. And so should we guide humankind because our world will otherwise find itself trapped within a delusional and natural ideological imprisonment, or enslavement. We shouldn't return to Egypt. On the contrary, the light of our life is the other way around. Only in that direction will we be able, and become in the ability of really giving birth to a new life always.

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