Forming one entity between above and below

129) We can only survive the end of our present world when we join our hands together in unison based on respect for everyone's freedom within the image He has created us, our soul of light that is. If we fail in this, if we thus ignore our very own light within us, or rather around us for the time being till the world above and below becomes truly one, and subsequently would only follow the desires of our nature, our body, then the situation becomes less promising, but not at all desperate. Only the percentage of success will diminish, not the vision of that better future for all of humankind. However, if we all could really come to understand the lesson of the Torah, then we would know how a blessed time for the entire world it was when G-d's Temple in Yerushalayim was still a presence within our midst. People were more connected to their soul. They felt it more profoundly. Yeah, we, as children of souls, felt the presence of Aba, our light's protection during the day and at night, just like it was for the Hebrew/Jewish people at the time of their wandering in the desert during Moshe's life. Man felt a kind of security, even tranquility within himself, one he had never felt before. Once it was gone, many gentiles lost their appetite, in a manner of speaking, but not their hope deep within them, even when they began to ignore it, as they had destroyed/killed as good as the entire guidance/structures of witness and all guides of light. Yes, no Hebrew/Jew has ever murdered one single prophet. If it seems to have been, then we can only refer to such a person as one who had disconnected him-/herself from the tribe so to speak, one who had joined the then gentile world of worshipping idol gods. True, a Hebrew/Jew who keeps the faith in his/her belief, in Judaism thus, won't act on behalf of a hostile gentile group of people vis-à-vis Judaism because they know deep within themselves when being confronted with a real prophet of G-d, and not of gods, a god that often demanded human sacrifices, but was in reality only the wish of a leader's ego pasted onto that same god. However, we shouldn't fix our attention too much towards such atrocities, and instead direct our steps more towards the promising goals set out within the Torah for the entire human race, and not only on this planet. It doesn't matter if you're Jewish or gentile because the light around our body is with everyone the same. There's only a difference in perception for the time being, mostly caused due to wrong guidance, the hidden ancient world of before Adom of the Garden of Eden that wants its voice of a man's ego to be heard, trying to roar down the light of a man's heart forever once again in a last agony of a dying world's desires. We shouldn't let it happen because we after more than 5760 years don't have come this far just to lose everything, really everything that is.

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