For better or worse

132) We should never say that the old times were better because they were not, as it's not a matter of being good or bad. Every time has its very own happy endings, and sorrows. They have their pains and their healing's, but also their limitations. No matter in what time we live, it surely will have its visions. Humankind has never stopped in trying to make the world a better place to live in, for if it wouldn't have been so, then we wouldn't have arrived on the very spot where we are standing right now. After all, our life has been made easier when we refer this to the kind of inventions that have seen the limelight. However, our perception changes because we always tend to desire it to become even much more easier than before, and so are tempted to view our time as not being easy. It's even not wrong to feel that way because life will never be easy for as long as we are not there were we really want to be. We should therefore thus rather pronounce that the old times had their flavor whether it was for the better or worse while ours is still in the making. Yes, for the better or worse because we may be pretty sure that you will have in any time people who will see it this or that way. For the one it will have been better, and for another one just the opposite. It has always been so, and will only change when we truly would enter the world we desire most. Sure, we may in all this neither forget that it are not the times that are better or worse, but we who are the one or the other.

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