Freedom of the soul

133) Many people will embrace the word of peace very easily within their own personal vocabulary without being truly aware of what they have acquired, of what they have come to accept as a means to defend certain values. Sometimes, and often in certain regions of the world, are they only thinking that they act based on what they have learnt, what they perceive with their own mind, but in fact don't realize that it are merely the aspirations of others. They in certain particular cases won't even accept of having been misused, mislead by their very own leaders. Only on rare occasions will they come to accept this reality, but won't bother much, or give it a thorough attention because belonging to a group that fuels their own rebellious aspirations, or present behavior, is valued higher than coming to terms with what the word peace truly means within a world accepting universal Torah standards and values thus. And it's true that everyone to this very day has always had his/her own perception of what peace means to him/her. It creates different groups, groups that sometimes do come to stand opposite one another, even with conflicting views, or interpretations. It once in a while brings even discrimination to the forefront of society, something that will in extreme instances even curtail the other groups members freedom. And it's not the meaning behind the word peace that causes this to happen, then rather the way we understand freedom that is, or what we define as being a human personality, and thus who isn't living the way his/her ego wants it. We can therefore only achieve a comprehensive peace worldwide once we have come to accept what a universal freedom means. But before we can achieve that will it be of utmost importance that we do understand our Torah as how it can only be understood rightly because our world was a void without Him who gave it meaning, depth within the Adom of our world.

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