Our Heavenly Kingdom on Earth

An entirely Jewish thought, but where the gentile world hopefully may learn something most valuable out of it as well for the better of all and everyone beyond the constraints of the ego.

134) It's not because we have lived for almost 2000 years in exile that we all of a sudden would have lost our rights on being Yisraeli, a Yisraeli citizen. Our exile may have taken a longer term than the one in Egypt, or even the Assyrian/Persian one, but we in our heart, mind and soul will always stay being G-d's chosen ones everlasting. We will always be the children of Yisrael, of Yaacov for as long as we live, and no matter where we live our life. Nothing in the world will ever be able to change that. But we do have our rights on our homeland forever, and for as long as we live as being Hebrew/Jewish. We only lose this right when we forsake on who we are, and assimilate with the world around us. It doesn't mean at all that we can't return for Eretz Yisrael will always be our home, just the same as it has, is and will always be so for the lost tribes, as we know that quite a lot had returned home during the reign of king Ahasuerus, husband of queen Esther. They became embraced back into the house of Yisrael, into the heart of those that have kept the Judaic faith, and thus in who they are. We therefore for as long as our exile has taken its toll, even when living in Eretz Yisrael, will always stay being a member of the State of Eretz Yisrael, of king Dovid's kingdom, as we are a child of our Patriarch Yaacov who G-d renamed Yisrael, and this no matter if we being his son or daughter by natural conception and/or spiritually, even in the Diaspora. After all, our heritage goes very far beyond the confines of nature because no convert could otherwise have ever become a valuable and most respected member within our home, the same as we accepted Ruth in our midst. We without her wouldn't have been complete for the kingdom didn't began with the one of king Dovid!

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