Turning weapons into ploughshares

136) Weapons of all sorts were in the course of man's history his tools which never really left his home, or the world he lived in. There has to this date never been even one day that came to an end without he wanting to ameliorate its capabilities to kill, to inflict pain and suffering to others. And it didn't only find its way into our household so that we would be able to eat our meat with fork and knife. No, the world of man has by science been defined as being related to the world of apes, everyone of us that is. And we know that they (apes) didn't and don't belong to the world of the carnivore. They were and still are herbivore. We therefore will have to find the science behind the use of weapons within the world of hatred and subsequently the worshipping of a culture of dead. That's by the way a belief that never existed within the world of Adom, the one wherein we live due to man's evolution into becoming a spiritual inclined personality, into becoming aware of what life is really all about. Only during the era of Noah became it permitted to eat meat as well once again. This policy served at the end only as an opportunity, man's ability, to defend the world of life, its sanctity and humankind's sanity from their god of dead, their idol worshipping. Yes, you can only preserve something when you're not on the edge of being extinct by those who hate you, and do love dead more than life, a deadly flood alike. We can therefore only hope that we one day will become fully capable of ending this kind of false 'Jewish' belief very soon so that every one of us, no one excluded, would be able to return to being a light of freedom that will even carry its weight far beyond this planet. But let us in the mean time be on our guard while defending in defense and/or offense the Jewish Nation and its heritage, belief, culture as well as Eretz Yisrael by not letting us fall into the trap of starting to like the culture of dead all around us, and starting to assimilate with it for then the entire world of humankind will be lost for good, not just the one of the Jewish people. Let us thus as Jews stay who we are, defending our values as they always have been, and never have been changed nor altered in any way no matter the attacks to this regard by those who do want our extinction, and surely not our redemption, nor salvation for they otherwise will have to belief in the Moshiach they refuse to accept as being one, and the only one for that matter.

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