A man's fate or faith, that's the question

137) Many people today do sincerely belief that our lives are based on destiny. They accept that it's a person's fate that he or she will die young or in his/her life's wisdom. For them it's a fait accompli that this or that happens to us on that very specific moment in time. And they to a certain degree are not wrong in this because there are things that are only to become revealed when it's time for them to be put into the open. But we today don't really, or are not prepared anymore, to stand still for even one single moment and start thinking on what could be right about this, or what could even be wrong with regard to such a lifestyle. We tend to bow our head down, even all the way into the ground like an ostrich, and just accept man's fate as it is without questioning it. We start to blindly follow others while our Torah teach us just the opposite, namely in studying, in arguing, and thus discussing about the matters being studied based on its universal foundation, even lessons/teachings within. And it's thus wrong to give in to the fellowship of blindness because it gives those who love to misuse G-d's faith, even a man's fate, a means to destroy, to wreck havoc everywhere till there is no faith anymore than just the fate of man's ego. Those kind of persons will thus always try to get as many people behind their ideals so that all followers would firmly start to believe that what is is just what it is and should be so. That is how they see it through their periscope. But no, it isn't true! It won't bring light into a man's darkened room. Adom has proven it when he lived in the Garden of Eden. And even illnesses related to our genetic system do give us a clue in that it's not fate that decides that we die early due to an illness, especially when we keep in mind the medical progress in this domain to save lives, even taking into account the rivalry between poor and rich whereas some become healed, and it is cruelly said that it's a poor man's fate, in that s/he won't beget the same attention, the same rights, even with regard to the level of service, its quality. But above all is it man's very own Hebrew/Jewish G-d who has proven it with Him just simply being everyone's G-d of Life, and we being created in His image. Yeah, our soul being a light in His likeness to turn the fate of the ego into a faith wherein everyone has the same equal rights and services no matter if they can pay for it or not.

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